Claiming the right skills at the 1st Metal AM Qualifications Workshop

Experts in Metal Additive Manufacturing have been actively engaged discussing the development of AM Qualifications at the 1st AM Qualifications Workshop hosted by EWF, in Lisbon (Portugal), from 8th to the 10th of May. The first day was dedicated to Direct Energy Deposition (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology, the second to Direct Energy Deposition Laser and the third one to Laser Powder Bed Fusion.
The event was co-organised by CLLAIM consortium and the experts contributed with their knowledge and know-how to the development of professional profiles required by the manufacturing industry. It was prioritised the design of professional standards for the three specialised operators: Laser Powder Bed Fusion Operator, Direct Energy Deposition (Wire plus Arc Additive Manufacturing) Operator and the Direct Energy Deposition Laser Operator and, finally, validated the work done in the scope of the project. .