CLLAIM or Additive Manufacturing professional profiles

Additive manufacturing (AM) technology is available since the 1980s. However, it has only demonstrated more impact in the past decade, as the varied array of new products and services showed new possibilities for a wide range of industries. Demand for additive manufacturing and related services have increased in the last years and is expected to do so in the next ones. Moving to employment and education (as they walk together), it is a fact that the lack of qualified personnel is an issue when it comes to implementing additive manufacturing plants.
Training and Qualification for AM personnel have been delivered not in a consistent way, but in a scattered and fragmented way, instead.

Creating KnowLedge and SkilLs in AddItive Manufacturing (CLLAIM)

The main aim of CLLAIM's consortium is to develop a brand-new European sector-oriented qualification system and body in Additive Manufacturing (AM) through the exchange among EU partners of an innovative training curriculum. European professional profiles such as AM Designer, AM Specialist, AM Operator or AM Inspector are currently absent from the European curricula. This project is intended to develop a European harmonised system for VET developing an innovative approach and methodology, regarding the qualification and training process in the additive manufacturing field, taking into consideration the Learning Outcomes approach and correspondence to European Qualifications Framework levels.

CESOL coordinates the CLLAIM project, which has a consortium composed by four companies:

  • Lloyd’s Register – UK
  • TWI – UK
  • Fraunhofer IGCV – Germany
  • PRODINTEC – Spain
Four Education and Training providers:
  • CESOL – Spain,
  • TWI – UK,
  • DVS – Germany
  • LZH Laser Akademie - Germany
and one umbrella organization:
  • EWF, Belgium